History and Horse Rustling, Ca 1911

More from my 1,000 mile research trip for my upcoming book, Red White Black, A True Story of Race and Rodeo . . .


John Spain, Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, Ca. 1911

John Spain, Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, Ca. 1911

The Union County Historical Museum in Union, Oregon has an extensive collection of photos and research about John and Fred Spain, as does the Union County Stock Show.

I also visited with family members related to John Spain and gathered information from the courthouse in La Grande on a trial that was held where John Spain was accused of horse rustling. With this information in hand, I visited Pierce Library on the Eastern Oregon State University campus and looked up newspaper accounts of the trial from 1911.

Then I was off to do a quick interview with the newspaper editor in Elgin and through Wallowa County on my way to Idaho. I drove through some incredible country, stopping to gaze into the heart of Joseph Canyon, and then dropping down the long, steep, winding grade to the Grande Ronde River and back up the other side.

Joseph Canyon, OR

Joseph Canyon, OR

I passed through Lewiston and drove to Jacque Spur, visiting Jackson Sundown’s grave at the Slickpoo Cemetery and took photographs of his old home, now abandoned and falling in on itself.

Jackson Sundown's old home

Jackson Sundown’s old home

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