New book on its way

Just finished the first draft of my new book, Red White Black, a true story of race and rodeo … and now the real work begins with layers of Bondo, sanding, more sanding, polishing, priming, sanding once again with 300 grit, and finally a coat of paint gets applied and the words are set in book form. 

Geronimo poses driving a 1904 Locomobile

Geronimo poses driving a 1904 Locomobile

Excerpt from Red White Black:

The Wild West was dying. Hell, maybe it was already dead. The evidence of its passing was everywhere. A full generation had come and gone since the Native People were rounded up and confined to reservations. Forty million buffalo were slaughtered and the open range was steadily disappearing under the relentless assault of barbed wire fencing. Railroads connected all points of America. The telephone and telegraph were in common use. And mass produced automobiles were fast replacing the horse and buggy. At the dawn of the Twentieth Century everything was changing: nothing was ever going to be the same.

Over one hurdle but many hours of hard work yet in front of me.

Rick Steber