“De Moss Family Lyric Bards” Oregon Trail Musicians

De Moss Cornets

De Moss Cornets

James De Moss and his wife Elizabeth came west over the Oregon Trail in
1862 and settled near the town of Cove in Northeastern Oregon.
De Moss Banjo Club

De Moss Banjo Club

Here they raised five children, teaching them to sing and play a variety of musical instruments. The family began playing and entertaining at mining camps and cow towns in Eastern Oregon. They traveled by wagon and camped out under the stars at night.

For thirty years the talented De Moss family performed on stage, and as their fame grew they traveled to Canada and throughout Europe.
In 1883 the family retired to a sprawling wheat ranch at De Moss Springs in Sherman County.Herschel_Davis_triangle-sm
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A Moment in Oregon’s History: May 1905

Groundbreaking ceremony at the Expo

Groundbreaking ceremony at the Fair

A group of Portland’s wealthiest and most powerful citizens decided to attract attention to their city by having an international fair, with the theme built around the 1905 centennial anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Forestry Building Exterior

Forestry Building Exterior

Funding was acquired from federal and state governments, as well as from local businesses and citizens.The extravaganza featured the largest log structure in the world, over one hundred thousand light bulbs outlining the many temporary buildings, and extensive exhibits on topics ranging from agriculture to technology. The Lewis and Clark Exposition was a huge success with attendance of more than three million visitors.

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