Bobbie, The Oregon Wonder Dog!

Bobbie, The Wonder Dog

In August 1923 Silverton residents Frank and Elizabeth Brazier and their daughters Nova and Leona, embarked on a cross-country trip in their Overland Red Bird automobile. The Braziers dog, a bob-tailed Scotch collie and shepherd mix named Bobbie, rode outside on the luggage rack.

On the ninth day of their vacation, in the town of Walcott, Indiana, Bobbie ran away. Six months later Bobbie appeared back in  Silverton.

map Bobbies journey

Practically every newspaper in the United States ran a story about Bobbie’s amazing 3,000-mile journey home. Robert Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” radio show featured Bobbie; a book was written, and Bobbie even starred in his own movie, “Bobbie, The Wonder Dog”.

Bobbie, The Wonder Dog!

Bobbie, The Wonder Dog!

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