On the Trail of Red White Black, A True Story of Race and Rodeo

Just returned from a research trip. I wanted to gather any last bits of information that was out there to add to my book — Red White Black as well as to visit the graves of the three main characters. I made a big circle; drove a thousand miles and was gone for a week.

Now, let me introduce you to Jackson Sundown, John Spain and George Fletcher . . .

Jackson Sundown

Jackson Sundown

On the trail of Jackson Sundown – As a boy he was on the Nez Perce retreat with Chief Joseph. Rather than surrender at Bear Paw he escaped to Canada and lived in exile with Sitting Bull. Returning to the United States he eventually beat the cowboy at his own game and won the World Saddle Bronc Championship.

John Spain

John Spain

On the trail of John Spain – Eastern Oregon rodeo rider who won the World Saddle Bronc Championship, lost a hand in a roping accident and came back to ride with his off hand and won the stagecoach race at the Pendleton Round-Up ….

George Fletcher

George Fletcher

On the trail of George Fletcher – African American cowboy who helped to break the color barrier in the sport of rodeo and served his county in France during World War One …….

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