Red White Black, A True Story of Race and Rodeo

vintage_western_cowgirl_miss_annie_oakley_poster-r5d73c0eb2516456cad90a9c6bb93696d_1dt_8byvr_512I am now in the process of having people read and make corrections to the manuscript for my new book — Red White Black, A True Story of Race and Rodeo. Next week I will be swinging through NE Oregon for some final research and then a rewrite.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction:

What little remained of the Wild West was now being portrayed by hucksters and showmen like Buffalo Bill Cody and his traveling circus-like extravaganza: cowboys and Indians riding in mock battles, a woman, Annie Oakley, putting on shooting exhibitions to show men how it was done, and even old Geronimo, the once proud war chief of the mighty Apache nation, had been reduced to selling photographs of himself for a nickel a pop. Audiences across the nation, and even internationally, were thrilled by these gaudy performances. The Wild West had met its end, destroyed by an industrial revolution that swept across the nation like an out-of-control wildfire pushed by the brawny winds of “Progress.” Progress at any cost.

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One thought on “Red White Black, A True Story of Race and Rodeo

  1. Rick Steber is one of the great authors of our era and our area.His books are are so interesting,educational and inspiring that I am always waiting for the next one to come out so that I can read it. He is a splendid writer and I love how he captures history with a twist that makes reading down right exciting!

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